Ripcurl Africa tour 2014 – Brahim habib allah – Pro Surf Morocco

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Blog

Ripcurl Africa tour 2014,The spot of Viviers, on the peninsula Almadies (Dakar), welcomed the competitors the Rip Curl West Africa Tour in very good conditions. Waves 1 meter, right and left, offered an ideal playground for the young Gadiri Brahim Habib Allah. For its first participation in an international competition, Brahim posted a very good performance. A Power full turns committed, he qualified for the finals and won second place behind local Cherif Fall! Posted in Senegal by its sponsor Rip Curl Morocco, Brahim proudly represented Morocco … can be the beginning of an international career!

The surprise of the weekend came from Adnane Benslimane who joined the Senegal drive as part of its Bodyboard Road Trip! Registered at the last minute to bodyboard competition, he also reached the final and finished second behind Senegal Aymeric Senghor.

Very nice performance of Moroccan Rip Curl to West Africa Tour. Cherif Fall, winner of the surfing competition, in receipt of an early professional contract with Rip Curl. This is further proof of the importance that this competition takes and commitment of the organizers for the development of these sports to Senegal. It is also a good example of African cooperation, an example to follow and develop as much as possible!

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