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The Best Surf And Yoga Holidays In Morocco

Our surf camp team will make you feel at home as a part of the Pro Surf Morocco family. Our staff are all real surfers with many years of experience surfing and instructing. We invite you to come and experience an unforgettable holiday and share in our passion for surfing.
All our instructors are locals who know the Moroccan surf spots like the back of their hands; they are fully qualified and will share their knowledge, expertise and especially their passion for surfing.

🙶We strive to make every wave a lesson in joy and resilience.🙸 

Brahim Habib Allah


Surf Instructor & Co-founder of Pro Surf Morocco

Brahim started surfing in his teenage years, rapidly progressing to become one of the top surfers in Morocco, winning second in the Championship Morocco du Sud. After spending the following few years on the competition scene achieving some outstanding results, he climbed to number 1 in the Moroccan Championship ranking.

In 2014 Brahim was invited to compete in the prestigious RipCurl West Africa Tour in Dakar and Senegal, achieving an impressive 2nd place, proving his surfing abilities on the international scene and cementing his place as one of the best surfers in North Africa.

Over the last few years Brahim has continued to maintain his high level of surfing abilities, but now spends much of his time showing others his passion for the sport, making them fall in love with surfing in the same way he did.

As a qualified surf instructor, accredited by the Moroccan Surfing Federation he is able to coach beginner and intermediate surfers, as well as guide more advanced surfers on the best waves in the country.


Surf Instructor

Anouar, Brahim’s Burder, knows every little trick to improve and perfect your surfing style! As a passionate surfer, he will take you to the best spots and find the best waves for your level. Whether in the line-up or on the beach – with him you will always have a lot to laugh about!


Surf Instructor

Sadik knows every hint and tip to improve your surf style and brings you to the best waves according to your level. While surfing in the lineup, rocking some white waves, and of course at the beach – You will always have a lot of fun with him!


Chef De Cuisine

Our lovely Karima makes you the best traditional dinner that you can imagine. She uses different spices to create a fantastic chicken or vegetarian tajine. You also get the taste of different salads and other specialties. She cares about the quality of our food and whenever it’s possible she supports our local shops and farmers.

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Seize the moment and book your Moroccan adventure today! Experience the rich culture, delicious food, and stunning beaches at our surf camp. With surfing and other exciting activities, it's the perfect escape.

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Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions about our surf camp experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, our FAQ covers everything you need to know