Pro Surf School Morocco – Learn To Surf – beginners and intermediate Level

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Blog

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After the delicious breakfast our team will make the car ready, with the surfboards on the roof, and the Wetsuits in the back, to start into a new surf day. When we are on the road, we choose the perfect surf spot. Sometimes it will be the beach in front of the Surfcamp, with the spots Devils Rock, Imourane and Km17 and sometimes we drive further to find the perfect waves.

Arrived at the beach, we start with our warm-up and stretching. After that, the teachers will explain to you something about surfing. You will practice in the sand how to stand up and have the perfect position on your board. If that’s going well, you are ready to jump into the water and start catching your first white water waves.


The Surf Instructor will push you in the wave and give you useful tips.

You will learn how to recognize the best waves, how to paddle and best for last, to ride the wave. In the first two hours of surf coaching the team will make some pictures of your surfing. Back in the Surfcamp, we will analyze your position on the surfboard.

When the first surf session is finished, the lunch is ready to be eaten. You can enjoy your lunch in the sun and relax on the beach after a good Moroccan tea.

The second surf session of the stay starts after your lunch break. It is a free surf but doesn’t worry,  the Surf instructor will come with you to the beach and give you some tips from the outside. Around four o’clock we start packing our stuff and then its time to go home! On somedays, we enjoy a juice in Aourir before heading home.


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