What to Expect at Your First Surf Camp Lessons in Morocco Aagadir Taghazoutbay

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What to Expect at Your First Surf Camp Lessons in Morocco Agadir Taghazoutbay?

surfing in Morocco is really for everyone? Hear what’s to expect from your first lessons with our surf team at Pro Surf Morocco from one of our newcomers, now turned surfing fanFall down tow times, stand up eight: What to expect from your first surf lesson

        09:00 in the morning we have to be ready for the surf lesson with our surf school in Taghazoutbay Tamraght It’s depending on surf conditions sometime early surf sessions, the first signs of daylight are here. is starting to wake up. While we pack and start driving to the beach of this day, the sun is rising. Everyone is still sleepy, but once we get to Moroccans Beaches most of us are getting excited. The surf guides coach to hand out the Pro Surf Morocco t-shirts and we’re wondering what’s to expect from our first surf lesson.
Since there are 6 days of surf school, the group is divided into five. Me and seven others are trying surfing for the very first time today, we get three instructors to guide our small group of beginner surfers. One of them tells us that we have to ask all the questions that come to our mind. “Think of us as your friends and family, we are here to help you and make your day !” 

Catch the first wave

          Getting to know all the ins and outs of surfing in Morocco, practicing with the boards on the shore with sandy beaches, and then it’s time to finally get in the water. After warming up and paddling in the sand like crazy it’s nice to finally touch the cool Moroccan salty water. First, we just lay on our boards, feel the waves, learn how to paddle and balance our body in this surfboard, But now, it’s time to catch a wave while trying to stand and feel this speed. After practicing on the sand, I feel like I can stand up easily. I could not have been more wrong. It looks easier than it is, guys. You need a lot of strength in your arms and finding your balance can be very hard. I am starting to regret skipping the gym for all those months and why didn’t learn early but it’s never late to learn

Commitment is key

          After falling a hundred times, not standing upright, or not even being able to stand up on the board at all, I am getting a little less excited about my surfing adventure in Moroccan cost. I’m the only one in my group not catching waves yet and I’m almost ready to accept that I just don’t have any talent for surfing. I feel like a small whale lying on a surfboard not being able to move. But the Pro Surf Team and Surf guides keep patients and motivate me to keep trying. And it turns out: Commitment is key. After a while, I catch one wave after another. This is even more fun than I thought it would be!
Everyone is playing around, there is room for jokes. It’s not only about surfing, but also just being in the water and making new friends and a new culture is already a lot of fun. For these kinds of vibes, I could get up at 5 AM (almost) every morning waiting for me surfing journey to start

What makes one board better than another for beginners?

         The easiest board to learn on is a soft-top board, and an 8-foot size is the best for all ages depending on weight and speed of your body and mind, Burt says. The thicker and longer the board, the easier it is to paddle, stand up, and balance on. It makes sense: The more surface area you have, the wider your legs can be to balance. There are a variety of different boards your instructor might put you on, depending on where you are, but it will likely be taller than you.

Give surfing a try

        If you are not sure if surfing is for you but please give it a try anyway. Believe me, the first time I have seen surfers on the beach I fell in love with it, I don’t even know it about it at all, is able to catch some waves after her first lesson, you are as well. You won’t regret it for a second and you will benefit a lot from it. our surf school in morocco teaches beginners and intermediate surf levels open all year round and we can’t wait to welcome you again soon.

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